An Indie NFT game in the world of Mecha

Welcome to the Mecha World, a game built on the Waves Blockchain where sharks with mechanical parts are the only hope to save the world.

Powerful enemies called MechaBoss and great mysteries will be present in this adventure. Are you ready to face this exciting journey?



Q3 2022

  • Website Launch
  • Social media
  • Whitepaper
  • Community Building
Q4 2022

  • Hunt Mode
  • Whitelist Sales
  • Token Stake
  • Whitelist Airdrop
  • Token Sales
  • Aquarium Box
  • Dashboard
Q1 2023

  • Battle Mode
  • Store
  • Marketplace
  • Listing Coingecko
Q2 2023

  • Laboratory v.1
  • Achievements
  • Marketing
  • Story Mode - S1
  • Shark Upgrades


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